About Us


In 2018, Brett Zuckerman had been in search of a delicious meal while on lunch from his floor installation company, called N-Line Tile. While driving around, Brett had spotted a local deli who proudly served Boar’s Head products, and decided to give them a try. During his visit, Brett immediately was fascinated with the variety of deli meat and cheese flavors to choose from. Brett found himself visiting the deli for lunch more and more frequently, thus, generating the idea of opening his own NY style deli. Brett brought his ideas and visions home to his wife, Kim Zuckerman, and daughters Skylar, Hailey & Zoey Zuckerman and the brainstorming took off. After a year of brainstorming and researching, our dream was turning into a reality. Brett spotted a perfect location for our dream deli at 50 Main St. in the City of Tonawanda. Brett later contacted the property owner, secured the desired location and immediately began construction on what is now known as Twin City Deli & Sandwich Shop.

    In early 2020, Twin City Deli & Sandwich Shop was projected to open its doors for business. Shortly before the projected opening date, the COVID-19 world pandemic began to rapidly spread and businesses were beginning to both temporarily and permanently shut down. This unforeseen event caused our family to experience an abundance of challenges, while having to act quickly with no answers as to what we should do. With a few months of strategic planning, our family started making changes to our original business plans to better fit the COVID-19 restrictions.